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Passion fuels creativity because it encourages risk-taking.

We worked in every field, language, and genre, surpassing all limits. We can produce high-pitched Corporate videos, Training films, Animated Films, Television Commercials, Promotional and Product films, heart-wrenching short stories, thought-provoking documentaries, or entire brand marketing.

 As one of the best studios around, we take great care to ensure the video is technically sound and delivers a compelling story. Our teams are led by highly qualified veterans who have worked with various top production houses and communication agencies in Delhi. They are staffed by energetic young people who are eager to learn.


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The ideas and technological advances that are creating the groundwork for a more enlightened and prosperous future


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We are a youthful and quick-moving production firm to provide exceptional service to our customers located all over the world.


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As a leading Indian production firm, we can provide a wide range of services to ensure your intended audience hears your message clearly and effectively.

To make tales that click, we use our quality cameras, in-depth product knowledge, and a lot of hard work. You can put your faith in us to make a movie or video that will blow people’s minds and propel us to new heights of success. We appreciate every company that allows us to serve as their video creators or filmmakers for all digital channels. Please have a look around our movie studio! The fascinating world of imaginatively created tales. Step into a world of enchantment and wonder with us!

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Himanshu Thakur Singer

As a global business, we expect strict adherence to technical specifications while delivering video projects. Honey Bunches is now in charge of our video production and its extensive film archive. They've shown an excellent grasp of our company and the audiences we aim our messaging at and highly recommended.

Sohail Khan Dancer

For our technical animation, Honey Bunches Production House took our initial brief and expanded upon it, and we are happier with the results. The fact that each of our clients was completely satisfied made our job a breeze.

Mansi Katariya Model

The Honey Bunches team did an excellent job finding alternative filming solutions for us. Consistent updates to our production schedule and the ability to stick to our budget are essential.

Anushree Dancer

When collaborating with Honey Bunches Production House is always a delight. They listen carefully to your goals and provide helpful advice before shooting begins. I praise the finished product, the quality, and the ease of working with them.

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    The honey Bunches production house was established in 2016 and is home to the masterminds behind every great tale you hear or read.

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