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Our video production company provides services for live-action, motion graphics, 3D animation, etc., for any video production & branding project, from fictional to documentary. As one of the best studios around, we take great care to ensure the video is technically sound and delivers a compelling story. Our teams are led by highly qualified veterans who have worked with various top production houses and communication agencies in Delhi. They are staffed by energetic young people who are eager to learn.

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We’ve built our production house around the ability to handle a tremendous amount of work and still provide our clients with stunning visuals, even when the going gets tough. We’re set up to perform precisely this kind of thing.

Our work is self-explanatory. We create engaging, memorable, and compelling brand stories as cinema pioneers. This makes us a popular brands production house across India.
Veer Saini

CEO, Honey Bunches

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The entire length of the film/video, the number of cameras used the setting, and the number of special effects all has a role in determining how much money will be spent on production.

There are five steps in producing a video. They are Idea development, Pre-Production / Scripting, Production, Post-Production, Marketing / Distribution.

The top 1,000 films averaged 588 crew credits. The top films of the past two decades averaged 3.5 authors, 7 producers, 55 art departments, 32 sound, 55 camera/electrical, and 156 visual effects.

"Revision mode" occurs during script production. This helps production crews track script changes during the show. Asterisks indicate script changes, and pages and scenes are locked.

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The honey Bunches production house was established in 2016 and is home to the masterminds behind every great tale you hear or read.

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